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An Elegant Shopping using Smart Trolley


  • Department of CSE, SVCE, Bangalore - 562157, Karnataka, India


Objectives: In this paper a smart Trolley model is developed for an elegant shopping. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Supermarkets are the places which will be crowded always especially in weekends. To manage these crowds various technologies are used to support people coming for shopping. Even though some technologies are used, the main problem faced by the people coming for shopping is getting jammed into a cashier line and getting frustrated. To overcome this problem we propose a smart trolley system. This system is equipped with microcontroller, ARM processor, Bar code reader, ultrasonic sensors, and android phone. A mobile phone with Wi-Fi connection is required for showing the information about discounts, product prices, and the total updated bill. Findings: When the customer finishes his shopping he/she can just pay the bill and leave, no need to wait in the queue. This smart trolley system will change the way of shopping that people shop in traditional systems. Application/Improvements: This proposed system is mainly to save the time in billing, it improves the operational efficiency of the system and it reduces number of staffs required.


ARM Cortex Microcontroller, Bar Code Reader, Smartphone, Smart Trolley, UART.

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