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Discovery and Invocation of Web Services using Multi-Dimensional Data Model with WSDL


  • Computer Science and Engineering, Canara Engineering College, Mangalore – 574219, Karnataka, India
  • Computer Science and Engineering, NMAM Institute of Technology, Karkala – 574110, Karnataka, India


Objectives: The aim of this research is to discover and invoke the Web services dynamically according to the users’ requirement. This system resolves the unknown input parameters’ names and invokes the required services. Methods/ Statistical Analysis: The methodology used is retrieving the Web Service Description Language (WSDL) of the Web services from the online-search-engine according to the user request, extracting and storing only the required elements in Multidimensional Online Analytical Processing (MOLAP) Cubes, mining MOLAP records to fill the unknown WSDL parameters’ name and dynamically invoking the Web services. Findings: The WSDL is big in size due to its multi elemental structure and requires huge space and time for storing and processing. Hence MOLAP cubes are used to store only the required elements of the retrieved WSDL. Existing Web Service discovery methods are classified into several categories: Ontology-based approach, UDDI based approach, Semantic-Based approach, QoS-based approach, Information Retrieval Based approach, data mining based approach and link-based approach. The drawbacks of the existing systems motivated the proposed system to use the WSDL-based method and to use an online search engine for the discovery of Web services. The proposed system is designed and implemented by considering the dynamic nature of the Web services. The results of experiments justify that the proposed system satisfies the user requests with reduced consumption of bandwidth, CPU and storage space. The performance of proposed system is high compared to the existing non-MOLAP systems. Application/ Improvements: Developing bigger applications with fewer resources and lesser time. Reusability of existing procedures through Remote Procedure Call (RPC). Satisfaction of the user requests at high speed.


Data Mining, MOLAP, Service Discovery, Service Invocation, Web Service, WSDL

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