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Local Government Model as Basis of Federative Organization of Political andTerritorial Landscape and as Resource of Federal Stability


  • Transbaikal State University, Chita, Russia


Background/Objectives: The study considers the possibilities to identify the effects produced by the established local government model on the stability of a subject of the Russian Federation. Methods: Self-administration and subsidiarity have been defined as the most important institutions of federative political order. The study is founded on the principles of distribution of competence and jurisdiction between federal and regional level of state power on the one hand, and the local government on the other hand. Findings: Jurisdiction of local government is represented as an aggregate of two component elements: subjects of competence and the degree of power delegated to local government bodies. The study shows the matrix of potential optional combinations of these variables that represent the models of local self-administration: ideal types and transitional versions. Applications/Improvements: The study provides historical examples of the effects produced by the established local government models on the sustainability of sub-national entities to further improve federative organization and federal stability.


Federal Stability, Federalism, Local Government, Local Government Jurisdiction, Powers, Model of Local Self-Administration.

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