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Mathematical Modeling of Triglyceride Transesterification through Enzymatic Catalysis in a Continuous Flow Bioreactor


  • National Research Center «Kurchatov Institute», Moscow Russia
  • National Research Center «Kurchatov Institute», Moscow, Russia


Background: Currently, the production of biodiesel in many countries is a rapidly developing industrial sector. This article reviews the mathematical modeling of the enzyme-catalyzed triglyceride transesterification, which takes place in a continuous flow bioreactor. Findings: A mathematical model was developed and used to calculate the transesterification of microalgae lipids. The model developed was tested by conducting a laboratory experiment for similar conditions. It was shown that the difference between the data obtained according to the simulation results using a mathematical model and the experimental data was less than 5%. Improvements: The materials of the article are of practical value because the developed mathematical models can be used at the stage of manufacturing engineering or when designing new continuous flow bioreactors. These models can be useful when creating new types of catalyst loading for the existing bioreactors.


Biodiesel Fuel, Enzymes, Enzyme Catalysis, Enzyme Immobilization, Genetic Modifications, Immobilization of Cells, Immobilization of Yeast Cells, Mathematical Modeling, Yeast.

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