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Interactive Online Marketing Via Digital Terrestrial Television


  • System Engineering Department, University of Cartagena, Colombia


Background/Objectives: This paper proposes architecture for the development of interactive online marketing services via Digital Terrestrial Television. It allows reaching customers through their television, from the comfort of their homes. Methods: This job used 4+1 view model based on Unified Modeling Language for explaining the architecture. It describes two aspects that enable the online marketing services: television contents transmission and interactive contents transmission. Findings: For the first, it considers the path that makes the package from the programmers to consumers, to explain conceptually how it behaves during the tour. For the second, it described the transport of the packages by return channel. The interactive package characteristics and the server/client interactivity are too described. Later, a case study shows an online marketing scenario developed on a university television channel. Novelty: The description of interactivity, in a novel way explains how it is possible to do online marketing services taking advantage of the wealth of multimedia content offered by digital television.


Architecture, Digital Television Transmission, Interactivity, Online Marketing.

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