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Services of low cost Carriers in India: The Cutomer’s Perspective


  • AMET Business School,East Coast Road, Kanathur,Chennai- 603112,Tamil Nadu,i, India
  • Alagappa University, Karaikudi,Tamil Nadu- 630003,, India
  • Department of International Business, Center for Energy Economics Research,College of Management and Economics Studies, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies,Dehradun-248007,, India


Objectives:To examine the customer’s expectation and customer’s perception about services of low cost carriers Methods/Statistical Analysis: The present study is an empirical research which examines customers’ expectations and customers’ perceptions of low cost carriers of India. This paper addresses the problem through Gap analysis which was used to determine perception and expectation of customer on services provided by low cost carriers. The research involved Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) test to analyze the difference between customer profiles.T test was done to check the gap between the perceived and expected services of low cost carriers. Findings: Based on the research, the Results indicated gap existence between perception and expectation of customers. T test was done which showed significant gap between the perceived and expected services of low cost carriers. Based on ANOVA test it can be concluded that there is significant difference between socio-economic characteristics of customers and their expectations about services of low cost carriers and there is significant difference between socio-economic characteristics of customers and their perceptions about services of low cost carriers. Application/Improvements: However it can be concluded that the low cost carriers should focus on improving their services to meet the expectations of the customer which would lead to customer satisfaction..


Expectation, Gap Analysis, Perception, Services Parameters

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