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Performance Comparison of Paraunitary Analysis Filter Bank Based Spectrum Sensing Technique over Multipath Channels


  • Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Pondicherry Engineering College,Puducherry – 605014, India


Background/Objectives: In earlier days of wireless communications, the demand for the spectrum is limited, because the wireless services may not require higher bandwidths. But as time passes radio spectrum has become one of the important and regulated resources for all the wireless services. From the past 10 to 15 years the spectrum needs were increased and it becomes a scarce resource. Methods/Statistical analysis: The information and communication technology industry in today’s scenario faces several global challenges like: Higher data services with improved Quality Of Service (QOS), scarcity of spectrum, and increased expenses of the services. Thus both the energy domains as well as spectral domain efficiencies were degraded, which made the researches to think in different ways, The other ways to improve spectrum utilization is the use of unlicensed spectrum or secondary access. In order to solve this spectrum utilization efficiency problem, Cognitive Radio (CR) concept was introduced. CR technology is an secondary access method in which an unlicensed Secondary Users (SUs) senses the whole radio spectrum and uses the licensed spectrum holes such that it does not cause any interference to the Primary Users (PUs). This way of spectrum access improves the efficiency of spectrum utilization. Findings: For sensing the spectrum of the primary user, several methods are proposed in literature. A method called Paraunitary Analysis Filter Bank based sensing method is analysed in this paper and its performance was compared with Filter bank based spectrum sensing and Energy Detection (ED) based spectrum sensing techniques. Application/Improvements: It can be used to reduce the interference in Femtocell networks by considering the macro user as a primary user and femto user as a secondary user to use the spectrum effectively and to increase the capacity of the cellular networks.


Cognitive Radio, Energy Detection, Filter Bank, Paraunitary Filter Bank, Spectrum Sensing.

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