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Factor Exploration and Empirical Analysis of Digital Divide between Disabled and General People, using Statistical Method


  • Department of Basic Medical Science, Jeonju University,Wansan-gu, Jeonju,55069,Korea


Objectives: Purpose of this research is to give some information to help reducing digital divided by investigating some digital divide factors of physically challenged people, empirical analyzing by using statistical method. Methods/Statistical Analysis: In the process of exploring factors of digital divide of the disabled people and conducting empirical analysis, subjects were physically disabled people in rehabilitation center located in Jeonlabuk-do(S. Korea). Research was done from 18, June, 2015 to 24, September, 2015. Samples were drawn from 200 respondents using convenience quarter sampling, self-recording method after the instruction from investigator was used. For statistical analysis, we used IBM SPSS 22. Findings: We finding results are as follow. First, reliable and valid measurement must be used to measure digital divide. Second, by integrating various statistical analyses, accessibility to computer should be raised among group of old age and management ability should be strengthened by education, to decrease digital divide among disabled people. Improvements/Applications: This research suggests some composition of measurement method about digital divide.


Analysis of Variance, Digital Divide, Factor Analysis, Physically Challenged People.

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