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A Study on the Whitening Effect of Fruit Extracts and the Changes in the Components of the Teeth


  • Department Dental Hygiene/ Hanseo University, Korea; 911105


Background/Objectives: In this regard, this study aimed to examine the teeth-whitening effect of undiluted and diluted extracts of Korean natural citron, grapefruit, and plum and analyze the components of teeth. Methods/Statistical Analysis: In this study, 55 premolars in the upper and lower jaw extracted in recent few months were used as test pieces. Extracts of citron, grapefruit, and plum were used as solutions. Each of the test pieces was deposited into undiluted solution and diluted solution (one to one ratio of undiluted solution in distilled water) for 3, 6, and 9 hours, respectively. The color difference was examined using a Spectrophotometer (CM-3500d, Minolta, Japan). Changes in components of the teeth after they were deposited into the extracts of citron, grapefruit, and plum were compared to their initial state. SPSS ver. 20.0 was used for statistical analysis. Mann-Whitney test was performed to compare the pre-post difference within and between test pieces. Kruskal-Wallis test was implemented to compare the averaged values of E* (color difference) by time. Tukey´s test was carried out with 95% confidence interval for the post test. Findings: The whitening effect of citron extract was increased as time went by. The diluted solution with one to one ratio of the citron extract in distilled water showed the highest whitening effect after depositing for 3 hours. The whitening effect of grapefruit extract was increased as time went by. The diluted solution with one to one ratio of the grapefruit extract in distilled water showed the highest whitening effect after depositing for 6 hours. Plume extract had the highest whitening effect after depositing for 6 hours. The diluted solution with one to one ratio of the plum extract in distilled water showed the highest whitening effect after depositing for 3 hours. Components of P and Ca were irregularly increased or decreased in test pieces both before and after the depositions of teeth into fruit extracts. Improvements/Applications: In this study, the colors of teeth in extracts of citron, grapefruit, and plum turned brighter than the initial color as time went by. Follow-up studies are needed.


Citron, Grapefruit, Natural Liquid Fruit, Teeth-whitening, Teeth Whitening Effect.

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