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Displacement Analysis of Five-Story Stone Pagoda in Geumgolsan Mountain, Jindo, Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning


  • Department of Cultural Heritage Conservation Sciences, Kongju National University, 32588, Korea, Republic of


Background/Objectives: This study focuses on a three-dimensional digital documentation and displacement analysis to evaluate the structural stability of afive-story stone pagoda in Geumgolsan Mountain, Jindo, and using terrestrial laser scanning. Methods/Statistical analysis: A field scan was conducted using a digital inclinometer with 0.01°precision to establish the absolute horizontal and vertical directions of the stone pagoda. Point clouds were then acquired from a three-dimensional terrestrial laser scan and restored as digital heritage via registering and merging the data, filtering the data, and constructing a polygon model to calculate the structural displacement of the stone pagoda. Findings: The results revealed that the stone pagoda had moved to the north by 24.6–69.5 mm and to the east by 35.3–179.2 mm. The central displacement of the stone pagoda was between 24.3 and 174.2 mm toward the northeast. Overall, the stone pagoda exhibited a large displacement to the east and a rapid deformationbetween the third and fourth stories owing to the gaps, cracks, and distortion of the stone members, the loss of the gravel-reinforced foundation, and the weathering of supports. Improvements/Applications: The results of this study will be utilized to monitor the structural change process of the stone pagoda over time.Monitoring of structural deformation via periodic terrestrial laser scanning is requiredtoconserve the original forms of the five-story stone pagoda in Geumgolsan Mountain.


Displacement Analysis, Digital Documentation, Five-story Stone Pagoda in Geumgolsan Mountain, Structural Stability Evaluation, Terrestrial Laser Scanning System.

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