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Evaluation on Availability of MTF Measurement Using the ACR Phantom in MRI


  • Department of Health Care, The Graduate School of Hanseo University, 46. Hanseo 1-ro, Haemi-Myun, Seosan-Si, Chungcheognam-do, Province, 31962, Korea, Republic of


Background/Objectives: The aim of this study is to evaluate the availability of MTF measurement as a quantitative method of MRI spatial resolution evaluation using the ACR phantom that is internationally used for MRI quality control. Methods/Statistical analysis: Images were obtained using both 1.5T MRI and 3.0T MRI and by changing slice thickness, ETL, and matrix size in the default image parameter which is involved in spatial resolution to assess if spatial resolution change in MRI is reflected in MTF measurement. The plot profile measured through ImageJ was expressed as MTF curves using Origin Pro through the Differential-Fast Fourier transform-Smooth-Normalization process. Findings: We observed that 10% MTF values of ETL 10 and ETL 40 measured using 1.5T MRI and 3.0T MRI were higher for ETL 10 and 1.5T MRI was shown to have a higher magnetic field strength than 3.0T MRI. On 10% MTF values comparison of slice thickness 2 mm and slice thickness 8 mm, both 1.5T MRI and 3.0T MRI were shown to have a higher value for slice thickness 2 mm and 3.0T MRI had a higher value than 1.5T MRI. On comparison of matrix sizes 128*128, 256*256, and 512*512, with the increase in matrix size, 10% MTF values were increased for both 1.5T MRI and 3.0T MRI and 3.0T MRI was found to have a higher value than 1.5T MRI. Improvements/Applications: The MTF technique could accurately distinguish between low spatial resolution and high spatial resolution and it can be considered to be useful in the quality control of MRI spatial resolution.


IJST, MTF, MRI, Quality Control, Quantitative Measurement, Spatial Resolution.

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