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Job Stress and Stress Coping among Clinical Nurses Related to Service-Providing to Foreign Patients


  • Department of Nursing Science, Baekseok University, Cheonan, Korea;
  • Department of Nursing Science, Bucheon University, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea;


Objectives: This study was aimed to identify the relationship between the job stress and stress coping pattern of clinical nurse caring for foreign patients, and the level of the variables.
Methods/Statistical analysis: Data was collected at a tertiary medical center located in Seoul, from September 2 to September 13 in 2013. Total subjects were 241. Data was analyzed by t-test, ANOVA, Pearson’s correlation using PASW 18.0 program.
Findings: Job stress of the subjects was 2.91(±0.55). Nursing practice, one sub factor of the job stress variable was 2.80(±0.55). Interpersonal relationship, one sub factor of the job stress variable was 2.80(±0.55). Hospital administration and management, another sub factor of the job stress variable was 3.12(±0.75). Job stress and stress coping was correlated positively(r=0.559, p<0.000). Especially, stress on the hospital administration and management turned out to be more related with significance of active coping (r=.50, p=.000).
Improvements/Applications: This study shows that in order to reduce job stress of clinical nurses related to foreign patients responding, individual effort is needed to progress in foreign languages and financial support will have to be established.


Clinical Nurses, Foreign Patients, Job Stress, Nursing Care, Stress Coping.

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