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Simulation and Modeling of a Photovoltaic Pumping Installation by Bond Graph


  • Laboratory for the Application of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies, FST, Tunis, Tunisia


Objectives: To model and simulate the pumping system by using as a source the PV and by the vectorial and scalar commands. Methods: The photovoltaic system modelling is complex; so we propose the use of bond graph (BG) methodology which permits the decomposition of the system into subsystems exchanging energy, and to represent several physic domains (electricity, mechanical, etc.) with an joined way. Findings: We represent a method based on the input-output causal inversion of the bond graph of the system which consists in deducing the laws from input-output control directly on bond graph. A new technique that consists on using a PWM bloc with three phases inverters is employed in order to optimize this bloc and to have better results. Applications: The modeling of photovoltaic system elements is an important step that should be preceded all application of sizing, identification or simulation.


Bond Graph Modeling, Induction Motor, MPPT, Photovoltaic, PWM, Scalar and Vector Control.

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