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Destruction of Kerogen in the Presence of Pyrite and Cobalt-Based Catalyst


  • Kazan Federal University, Kremlyovskaya St, 18, Kazan, Respublika Tatarstan, Kazan 420000, Russia;


Objectives: The investigation of the process of the kerogen in situ catalytic transformation accompanied by the synthetic oil production. Methods: To develop kerogen-rich deposits, such technologies as in situ combustion and retorting, presupposing productive layers warming-up, can be employed. The intensification of the light hydrocarbon generation under the kerogen cracking is achieved while using nano-dimensional catalysts based on the transition metals. Finding: The cracking catalyst on the cobalt basis alongside with the impact on the organic substance can promote to the transformation of pyrite into mixed iron oxides, the latter also being the catalysts of the processes under discussion. Under the thermocatalytic effect on the kerogen-containing rocks, the processes of the destructive hydrogenation with the formation of liquid hydrocarbons take place. The processes above are quite catalytic, accompanied by the hydrocarbons molecules activation with power and chemical methods. Iron-containing minerals of all other ones found in the thermal transformation of kerogen. Pyrite under thermal treatment transforms into hematite which is a hydrocracking process. Conclusion: The influence of the nano-dimensional catalyst based on cobalt aims at the organic substance cracking.


Catalyst, Kerogen, Pyrite, X-Ray Structural Analysis

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