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Getting Bituminous Ploymeric Mastic for Sanitation Pavement


  • Kazan National Research Technological University, 68 Karl Marx St., Kazan 420015, Russian Federation
  • Kazan Federal University, Russia 18, Kremlyovskaya St., Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan 420008, Russian Federation
  • Kazan National Research Technological University, Russian Federation


Objectives: In this research, the durability of bitumen-polymer mastic is largely determined by low-temperature properties and the provision of proper adhesion with the mineral filler surface to their properties. Methods: It is necessary to change the structure and the properties of materials used for its preparation to increase the service life of the pavement. Besides, poor quality of bitumen leads to capital cost increase on labor-intensive repair works. Results: Polymeric materials are used in road construction to reinforce the base of asphalt concrete pavements. Due to their use, the quality and durability of roads increase significantly. They prevent the displacement of layers and the formation of voids under the asphalt canvas, and this allows to reducing the formation of cracks, ruts, and also to lessen the cost of road pavement repair significantly. This paper presents the results of bitumen modification studies by butadiene, ethylene-propylene, from butyl isoprene. The choice of these polymers is conditioned by the fact that they have the properties desirable for bituminous materials used in road construction for the sealing of asphalt concrete pavement joints, causing increased elastic, plastic, hydrophobic properties and weather ability. Conclusion: The results of important physical-mechanical properties study of a modified polymer containing mastics indicates that the introduction of fillers into bitumen leads to a significant improvement of specifications.


Bitumen-Polymer Materials, Physical-Chemical Properties, Polymer Mastic, Road Bitumen.

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