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Optimal Charging Strategy of Electric Vehicles in Unbalanced Three-Phase Distribution Network


  • Department of Electrical Engineering, West Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic of


Background: The increasing penetration of Electric Vehicles (EV) could lead to significant impact on the power systems, particularly for existing distribution networks. Methods: These impacts contain phase unbalance, excessive voltage deviations and overloading of equipment, which arise when a large numbers of Electric Vehicles are simultaneously charged. Results: In the current research, an optimal charging strategy is designed to control charging rates of Electric Vehicles in unbalanced three-phase distribution networks. A technique according to the Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) is designed in order to reduce the charging cost of vehicles, with considering certain constraints. The constraint set involves transformer and line restrictions, unbalance of phase and voltage range. Conclusion: The proposed charging strategy is investigated on a real distribution network. Findings shows that high penetration of Electric Vehicles can be sustained in the existing distribution networks, demonstrating the effectiveness of the proposed method.


Charging Strategy, Electric Vehicle, Particle Swarm Optimization, Smart Grids, Unbalanced Distribution Network

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