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Scalable and Multimedia Compatible Dynamic Routing Protocol for MANET


  • Department of Computer Science and Information Sciences, College of Science and Arts, Tabarjal, Al jouf University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Objectives: This paper concentrates on exchanging the multimedia content through MANET nodes in a reliable and scalable manner. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Recently Wireless Mobile Adhoc Networks become reliable, Internet Independent and low-cost solution for communication and data exchange in personal digital computers. As on MANETs are used only for vocal communication and text message sending purpose. Due to the wide usage of multimedia content like images, videos and audio files is a need to upgrade the MANETs for multimedia support. To achieve this, a hybrid routing protocol for multimedia data exchange is introduced, it is named as “Scalable and Multimedia compatible Dynamic Routing Protocol (SMDR) for MANETS”. Findings: After implementation of the proposed protocol the several things from results are obtained. It conducted the experiments with SMDR protocol and compared the results with popular ad-hoc protocols like AODV and OLSR. This protocol resolves the issues of multimedia content exchange over MANET nodes under various circumstances. In perspective of speed, scalability and efficiency SMDR protocol recorded the best results over AODV and OLSR. From the experimental analysis and result is noticed that, the protocol is very suitable for mobile ad-hoc networks to transfer multimedia content. Application/Improvements: In future, we are trying to extend this paper to elaborate this protocol to support multimedia content in a distinct way at each multimedia type level. This future work process increases the scalability in multimedia transfer content and also improves the accuracy in a reliable manner.


Ad-Hoc routing, Data Clustering, Data Transfer, MANETs, Multimedia Content, Routing

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