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Development of a Balancing Robot with 2-wheels using the Smart In-Wheel Motor


  • Rovitek, Gyeong San, Korea, Republic of
  • Daegu University, Gyeong San, Korea, Republic of


A Balancing Robot with 2-Wheel using a Smart In-Wheel Motor based on an inverted pendulum model was introduced. Lately, research has been widely carried out for the inverted pendulum system. It because inverted pendulum systems have non-linearity characteristics, so it is an example of a good model to evaluate the performance of the controller. In this paper, a fuzzy logic control system design based on an inverted pendulum model is proposed to control a Segway-type robot, which is an inverted pendulum mobile robot. By designing a fuzzy logic system for control of the robot, the usefulness of control performance was confirmed, and measures to simplify the complexity of the controller design and to reduce the complex calculations of the controller were proposed.


In-Wheel Motor, Inverted Pendulum Model, Control System, Segway-type, Balancing Robot

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