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Solar-Powered Multiple-Input Zeta Converter for 48V Applications


  • Department of Electrical Engineering, Yeungnam University, Gyeongsan, Gyeongbuk, Korea


To reduce environment pollutants and a current level on high power systems, 48Vpower applications have been studied on uninterruptible power supply, green telecommunication power system, and micro hybrid electric vehicles with renewable energy sources or alternative energy sources. In the electric vehicle field, large numbers of automobile companies are obligated to supply more electrified vehicles. As these more electrified vehicles use high power, a 48V system has been researched to decrease a current level of the vehicle power system. This paper proposes a solar-powered multiple-input zeta dc-dc converter with high reliability and flexibility for 48V applications. The proposed multiple-input zeta converter system was verified by computer-based simulation results.


48V Applications, Multiple-Input Zeta Converter, Photovoltaic Module, Ripple Correlation Control

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