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Primary user Emulation Attack Defense in Filter Bank based Cognitive Radio


  • Department of ECE, Pondicherry Engineering College, Puducherry, India


Background/Objectives: The spectrum scarcity problem arising due to reckless development in wireless communication can be addressed using cognitive radio technology. An important step in cognitive radio technology is spectrum sensing and associated with that is an attack called primary user emulation attack. Methods/Statistical Analysis: A two channel Quadrature Mirror Filter (QMF) bank is employed for a single user spectrum sensing. The energy detection method is used as reference for comparing the performance of the filter bank method in the presence of attackers. Existing approaches like Neyman-Pearson Criterion, Improved Detection Scheme with Double threshold and Location Verification Method for detecting PUE attacks were examined. A new method which combines improved detection scheme and location verification method is proposed for detecting PUE attacks. Findings: The simulation result shows that the filter bank method shows better performance than the energy detection method in the presence of attackers. The probability of detection of PUE attacks using improved detection scheme and location verification method for the filter bank method and energy detection method was analyzed and found out that the filter bank based spectrum sensing method outperforms energy detection method. By incorporating AND rule logic, OR rule logic and Alternate logic approach into the filter bank spectrum sensing technique, the probability of detection of PUE attack was investigated and it is seen that the probability of detection has increased to 0.98 in FB method at SNR = 1 dB when employing an alternate approach. Application/Improvements: The feasibility of deploying the filter bank method integrated with the alternate logic is to be tested using Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP) module.


Double Threshold, Filter Bank, Fusion Logic, Primary User Emulation Attack, Spectrum Sensing

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