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Performance Analysis and Design of Automatic Real Time Face Organs Identification and Classifications


  • Electronics and Communication Engineering, Appa Institute of Engineering and Technology, Gulbarga – 585103, Karnataka, India


Now a day’s security and identification of a person are crucial in real time applications and solving the problems in biometric identification. Objectives: To address the issues in real time, the face and its organ’s identification are the main parts of the human body. The proposed work involves extraction of the face of the real time captured image, after extraction of the face, the organs like eyes, mouth and nose is extracted for identification of exact person. Methods/ Analysis: The present work captures the real time image from cameras or moving video devices for facial recognition using Principal Component Analysis (PCA), the facial features are extracted from both Hidden Markov Model (HMM), Gaussian mixture model (GMM) methods and classified into different organs using Artificial Neural Network (ANN). The features of organs are extracted in different stages, in first stage Eigen values with the help of PCA, second and third stage feature extraction with help GMM and HMM since these three techniques are the most powerful tools for statistical natural image processing. After extraction of organs of the face, the ANN is applied for classifications of eyes, mouth and nose separately. Findings: In the proposed work the facialorgans are separated into threeslight scale images and these are recombined to acquire the appreciationfacial image results like mouth, eyes and nose. The final obtained results shows that the proposed method has been achieved 95.8% recognition accuracy, Fault Rejection Ratio (FRR) is about 93.1% and Fault Acceptance Ratio (FAR) is 1.7 % which are implemented in Matlab2013A.


Facial Database, GMM, HMM, MLP-BP ANN, PCA, Wavelet Franformation

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