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Development of Low Emission Combustor for 110 MWe Gas Turbine


  • All-Russia Thermal Engineering Institute, Mosсow, Russia;, Russian Federation
  • All-Russia Thermal Engineering Institute, Mosсow, Russia;


Background: This is a review article. The stages of development and finishing of Low-Emission Combustor (LEC) for GTE- 110 gas turbine with capacity of 110 MW are presented. The main problem referred to in the article is pressure pulsations arising in certain modes of LEC operation. Methods: A detailed account of numerical and experimental research is given for detection of contributing factors on arising of unstable combustion, leading to pressure pulsations with high magnitudes (more than 2% of air pressure at the inlet of LEC). A computational and experimental approach to research of processes in LEC is described. Method of influence upon the border of steady combustion area is shown. Findings: Relationship between position and shape of flame in the volume of flame tube and stability of combustion process is described. Design criterion of stable combustion, allowing comparison of modifications of LEC structures and operation modes is presented. Technical solution developed on the basis of calculation and experimental studies, allowing implementation of stable and low-emission operation of LEC in all design operation modes of Gas Turbine (GT), is presented. The results of tests at pressures up to 450 kPa in the form of diagrams of combustion efficiency and NOx emissions over the entire load range of GT are presented. Improvements: Control method of combustor to achieve these characteristics was developed.


3D Simulation, Calculation Studies, Combustor, Experimental study, Flame Front, Fuel-Air Mixture, Gas Turbines, Low Emission Combustion, Pressure Pulsations, Transient Processes

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