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Domestic Equipment Control using Raspberry Pi and GSM Module through Android Application


  • Department of Electronics and Computer Science Engineering, K L University, Guntur – 522502, Andhra Pradesh, India


Objective: The main aim of the project is to control the home and the industrial equipment from a distant place by using the raspberry pi through android application and also through a web server. Methodology: Controlling of the equipment from a remote place is done through both android application and web server. Based on the type of equipment, different types of sensors are interfaced to raspberry pi. Each sensor senses the surroundings and gives the data to raspberry pi. Then processor displays the sensor data in web server and android application, based on which user will control the equipment. Findings/Improvements: In this system, the data is updated for every pulse and if the sensor exceeds the threshold value, automatically user receives the SMS using Global System for Mobile Communication GSM module. Then the user can login to either the application or web server and control the equipment. Application/Improvements: The main advantage of this project from the already existing work is that the application is logged out automatically and the user need not logged into the application continuously. Whenever the sensor exceeds the threshold value, user gets the alert message then only he need to login to the android application or web server and control the required equipment.


Android Application, GSM Modem, Raspberry Pi 2, Sensors, Wireless Communication

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