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An Efficient Chest X-Ray Image Retrieval using CBIR Technique


  • Department of CSE, Jain University, Bangalore - 560069, Karnataka, India
  • Department of ECE, AIT, Tumkur - 572106, Karnataka, India


Image feature extraction as well as retrieval of a medical image is a major problems CBIR technique. there is an improvement of networking and communication systems and other tools, which leads to imagine a numerous application for common users. The medical image retrieval is fast growing techniques in all the research fields. Many medical image retrieval approaches are still incapable to provide precise retrieval results along with high visual perception and also very less computational density. To report these issues, this paper illustrates and established a novel methodology for CBIR using 2D-Wavelet Transform (DWT). Here, we going to create a database of medical images utilizing CBIR method. DWT algorithm is applied to extract the feature of given query input image. By getting the horizontal and vertical projections of summation of pixels analyzing of BC coefficients are done. The Bhattacharyya Coefficients (BC) is used to find the similarity score of all the images. Based on the similarity score, the algorithm will select the most suitable images, similar to given query image. The highest value of BC images is the retrieved by the un trained database present in the system.


Bhattacharyya Coefficients, CBIR Method, Chest X-ray Image, DWT, Healthcare Systems

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