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Assement Solar Database Regarding Production Values in Fuerteventura Photovoltaic Installations


  • Universidad San Jorge, Zaragoza, Spain
  • Universidad Camilo Jose Cela, Madrid, Spain
  • Distance university of Madrid (UDIMA), Madrid, Spain


Objectives: To investigate the differences between the 8 main databases irradiation, from the values of equivalent irradiation of 11 generating facilities in operation for the Canaries. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Itobtains the data of the 8 bases of irradiation (DBs) for 0º and pass for 10º of inclination. It compared the average real of all 11 facilities and compared to those of the study DBs, then calculates the equivalent irradiation on flat surfaces at 0º and compared the values of DBs respect to the calculated for the investigated facilities. Calculate the polynomial function for the irradiation curve from the real valour’s of the installations Findings: We verified with the data obtained and calculated that the differences between predicted values of the different DBs and the real ones obtained from the facilities can reach monthly differences of more than 30% and annual differences of 10%, the months with the greatest difference being those of winter and autumn. The calculation of equivalent irradiation for inclined surfaces is performed by the simplified system by calculations of the monthly incidence angle, which gives us equivalent global irradiance values with approximate values of +-2% between inclinations of 1 to 55º of the photovoltaic generator. Recommending the use of the data from the UNE 94003: 2007 standard and AEMET data with a difference of less than 1% per year for horizontal surfaces. The PVGIS database is too optimistic in its calculations and its values tend to be with 10% higher yields. The values obtained from differences between databases are comparable with others obtained in their comparisons with data obtained by satellites or in areas such as Poland. Application/Improvements: The article concludes that with the data and the function obtained, realistic forecast can be made quickly and easily for further study.


PV, Energy in Canary Islands, nZEB, Irradiation, Photovoltaic, Renewable Energy, Solar Energy

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