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New Edge Preserving Hybrid Method for Better Enhancement of Liver CT Images


  • Department of ECE, BMS College of Engineering, Bull Temple Road, Basavanagudi, Bangalore - 560019, Karnataka, India


Objective: This article proposes a new edge preserving method for suppressing the noises in liver CT images. Methods/ Statistical Analysis: The MATLAB platform is used for implementation of proposed method. For Performance evaluation Mean Square Error (MSE), Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR) and time complexity are chosen .Noisy abdominal CT images have taken as input for proposed method and for finding low error and high noise fidelity. Findings: In this article, the proposed method Edge Preserving Hybrid filter have applied in liver CT images for improving the classification of lesions areas in an infected liver. The advantage of our proposed method is compared with various DE noising filters using quality metrics such as Image enhancement factor, and metric to measure the Structural similarity index and helps in the assessment of image quality and fidelity. Application/Improvement: The proposed techniques give better PSNR and it takes less simulation time in removing noises from Liver CT images.


Computer Tomography (CT), Hybrid Filter, Nonlinear Filter, Smoothening Filter.

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