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Estimation of Modified RSA Cryptosystem with Hyper Image Encryption Algorithm


  • Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Pondicherry Engineering College, Pillaichavadi - 605014, Puducherry, India


Generally, security, expediency and outlay are the three crucial factors influencing the espousal of biometrics. Seeing that, a newly scheme is proposed from the fused biometrics specifically fingerprint, finger vein and retina using Modified RSA (MDRSA), a public key cryptosystem used for both numeric and images. But the existing Hyper Image Encryption Algorithm (HIEA) is used only for images. Using MATLAB 2014, the performance is measured through GAR and FAR. Consequently, comparison of simulation results shows that MDRSA gives higher genuine rate of 95.3% and false rate of 0.01% which is reduced in case of HIEA, as it provides genuine rate of 92% and false rate of 0%.


Biometric Authentication, Fused Biometrics, MDRSA, HIEA.

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