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The Correlation between Resistivity and Soil Properties as an Alternative to Soil Investigation


  • Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University Technology PETRONAS, 32160 Tronoh, Perak, Malaysia


Objectives: To propose a possible assessment for soil investigation by correlating the resistivity values with soil properties. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Throughout the study, drilling work was carried out where samples were then brought to the laboratory and tested for the related properties. All the data were then analyzed and correlated. Findings: Experimental result (e. g.; resistivity and moisture content) from correlation and regression showed the coefficient of determination, R2 were found to be 0.8168. Application/Improvements: The produced empirical formula with w = 123.93rs-0.252 could be a possible assessment as an alternative to determine moisture content.


Correlation, Geotechnical, Investigation, Resistivity, Soil.

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