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Environmental Impact Assessment of Reservoir Dams (Case Study: The Syahoo Reservoir Dam and its Irrigation and Drainage Systems in Sarbishe County)


  • Department of Civil Engineering, Bozorgmehr University of Qaenat, Iran
  • Member of Young elite Sponsors institution, Tehran, Iran


Background: The aim of this paper is to assess the environmental impact of the Syahoo dam by analyzing the available environmental resources. Methods: The studies of the Syahoo reservoir dam project and its irrigation and drainage network systems were conducted in Sarbishe a County as one of the strategic areas in the east of Iran with the purpose of controlling and storing the seasonal floods of the Syahoo River. The environmental impacts of the plan were evaluate by gathering the data, information and available maps and field inspection of Syahoo river basin and Sarbishe county and using the modified leopold matrix method. Results: The results of the study show the predominance of the design implement option with positive score of +107 against the non-implement option with negative score of -1061 Conclusion: Thus that is accounted as a proper option in order to improve the quantity and quality index of environment of the area.


Environmental Impact Assessment, Syahoo Dam

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