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False Watermark Extraction and Rewatermarking Issues with Image Watermarking Techniques


  • Manipal University, Jaipur - 303007, Rajasthan, India


With the ease of availability and accessibility of the internet and image processing software, it has become difficult to distinguish between the original and manipulated images. To restore this lost trust in digital images, digital image watermarking is widely used. Some owner’s information is embedded within the digital image which is not only required to be robust against the various image processing operations but is required to be extracted when required and verify for the ownership of the information. One of the major issues addressed for image watermarking techniques is false watermark extraction. But overwriting the already watermarked images, that is, rewatermarking needs to be addressed. This paper analyzes three existing solutions to tackle false watermark extraction and rewatermarking.


Ambiguity in Ownership, Attacks, Digital Image Watermarking, False Watermark Extraction, Rewatermarking.

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