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Open Data Portal Based on Collaborative Sharing in Visualizing Health Information


  • YARSI University, Indonesia
  • Bina Nusantara University, Indonesia


Data openness is one of the government policy focuses in many countries. In Indonesia, this can be seen in Laws no. 14/2008 on Public Information Openness. On the other hand, open data in Indonesia is still difficult to find, obtain and reprocessed by public. This is shown by the position of Indonesia that considered low in global ranking. Furthermore, health data is very important in research and development of science. In this paper, we present a national open health data portal based on collaborative sharing that expected to improve the potential use of health data by public. This portal focuses on representing and visualizing open health data and considering other aspects, namely data license, data formats, data description and data sensitivity. The main features of this portal are data search, data visualization, data access and data sharing. The methodology of this research consists of several stages: requirement analysis, the collection and categorization of data, portal design, portal implementation, and testing and evaluation. In this case, we collected the sample of health data that are obtained indirectly from some of credible and reliable sources such as Ministry of Health, Republic of Indonesia ( and the Indonesia Data Portal ( The expected benefit of this study for public is improving accessibility to open data in Indonesia especially health data where people can find, obtain and share accurate health data with ease.


Collaborative Sharing, Health, Open Data, Portal.

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