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Time Based Prioritization of Test Cases in Regression Testing


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Background/Objectives: When client wants some change in functionality or in look/design of software, then after implementation of requirement, tester has to retest it. For this tester has to perform regression testing. It is done to verify that any other issue is not pushed into the system, and also verify existing issue if any, So, Regression testing not only is very important process when software change made but also it is very costly too. Methods: This paper proposes a new method based on ratio between number of issues found and run time of Test cases. This paper gives predilection to the original test suite so that the new suite, which is run within a time-constrained execution environment, will have a superior rate of fault detection. Findings: This paper presents a technique that prioritizes regression test cases so that the new ordered test case produces a high productivity. Application/Improvements: This paper assumes data for pre-executed test cases in the form of number of issues found and run time.


How to Prioritize Test Cases Based on Time, Priority Techniques Basis of Time Constraints, Regression Testing, Test Suite Precedence Based on Time

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