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Maintenance Optimization of Aircraft in Operating Environment using Automatic Identification Techniques


  • Sathyabama University, Chennai – 600119, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Department of ECE, Toc H Institute of Science and Technology, Kochi – 682313, Kerala, India
  • Department of Aeronautical Engineering, KCG College of Technology, Hindustan Group, Chennai – 600097, Tamil Nadu, India


Objectives: To reduce maintenance downtime in operational cycle by integrating automatic identification techniques in the existing aircraft maintenance and utilization environment of a frontline squadron is discussed in this paper. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Along with explaining the routine calendar and hourly based aircraft maintenance philosophies of a frontline aircraft usage of an application software to undertake real-time status monitoring of aircraft maintenance and repair in a frontline squadron is discussed in brief. The effective utilization of the optical barcode functions, barcode generation and their unique application in personnel identification and maintenance enhancement in a frontline squadron is discussed in detail. Findings: The probable reasons for increase in aircraft downtime of military aircraft during defect rectifications and routine inspections and the facility enhancement envisaged in a frontline squadron due to integration of the maintenance monitoring application in the existing aircraft maintenance and utilization environment is explained in the paper. The reduction in aircraft down time in the operational cycle of a frontline military aircraft is the direct indicator of increase the operational efficiency. Application/Improvements: The implementation of an maintenance monitoring application using optical identification technique and the resultant enhancement in the operation efficiency due to aircraft downtime reduction is explained in detail.


Barcode, Downtime, Frontline Squadron, Inspection, Maintenance

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