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An Effectual Approach for Security and Integrity against Wicked Node Attacks in Wi-Max Network Environment


  • Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Chandigarh Engineering College, Mohali – 140307, Punjab, India


Objectives: A unique and effective algorithm for location based key generation is devised and implemented which makes use of dynamic key exchange based on the GPS Location. This approach makes the communication more secured and reliable with the avoidance of Wicked WiMax Node attacks. Methods/Statistical Analysis: The dynamic movement of malicious node is deeply analyzed with the probability of identification of sniffing and intrusion in the network makes the overall scenario secured and integrity aware. Findings: The projected approach of identifying the malicious node is effectual making the overall network environment secured with the deep of wicked node attacks. Using this approach, the overall network intrusions can be controlled and avoided from wicked node attacks. Application/Improvements: The recognition and logging the wicked node attempts is making the defense aware anti intrusion network environment against assorted network assaults.


Malicious Node Attacks, Network Security, Secured Networks, Wicked Node Attack, Wi-Max Network Security

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