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Three Dimensional Computational Flow Simulation of Truncated Aerospike Nozzle Considering Different Plug Lengths


  • Department of Aeronautical Engineering, Institute of Aeronautical Engineering, Hyderabad – 500043, Telangana, India


Propulsive systems for planetary landing and ascent needs mass reduction since the cost of delivering the required propellant and structural mass is very high. Aerospike nozzle has demonstrated a significant potential advantage for purely in-space applications. This paper mainly concentrates on the CFD analysis of aerospike nozzle for 100%, 75%, 50% and 25% plug length with the CFD analysis at cases considering multiple altitudes representing ideal, under-expansion and over-expansion conditions of the flow had been carried out. ANSYS CFX was used to simulate the flow at these different conditions. The visualisation obtained through the CFD simulation was used to compare the performance of different spike lengths at different above mentioned operation conditions. A deduction had been made that at overexpansion condition the spike nozzle is efficient of producing five percent more thrust and the loss of the thrust is proportional to the truncation.


Aerospike Nozzle, CFD Analysis, Different Spike Plug Lengths

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