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Phase Change Material with Thermal Energy Storage System and Its Applications: A Systematic Review


  • Mechanical Engineering Department, C. U. Shah University, Surendranagar - Ahmedabad Highway, Near Kothariya Village, District Surendranagar, Wadhwan – 363030, Gujarat, India
  • Mechanical Engineering Department, The M. S. University of Baroda, Pratapgunj, Vadodara – 390002, Gujarat, India


Objective: The purpose of this review leads to use of Energy conservation technologies. Methods: There are so many systems which are used for energy saving among them thermal storage system with Phase Change Material (PCM) is well known. In this review majority focuses on the human comforts. It was observed that maintaining the human comfort is the challenging task for living spaces like room, offices etc. such type of required energy which is satisfied by thermal storage PCM based system. If the Phase change materials are applied to building applications they can be used for peak load shifting in cool storage system. Findings: Development of the new techniques for getting thermal comfort for building (lowering the heating and cooling demand is required. Also it includes the expenses behind development, maintenance and installation. Moreover this review finds the effective phase change materials. Improvements: Such thermal storage system has a potential to replace the conventional methods but the effectiveness or efficiency of that system is less. So it is required improvement in the selection of thermal storage system and phase change material. Also this review presents the potential of the phase change material system.


Energy Conservation Technologies, Phase Change Materials, Space Heating and Cooling, Thermal Energy Storage System.

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