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Analysis of Interoperability Services of Various DRM Schemes and Associations with Marlin Scheme


  • Department of CSE, Marri Laxman Reddy Institute of Technology and Management, Hyderabad – 500043, Telangana, India
  • Department of CSE, Osmania University, Hyderabad – 500007, Telangana, India


Objectives: The flaws in software create hackers to cross the security thread. The security can be provided with different schemes of DRM. In this paper numerous DRM schemes are discussed at different applications. While discussing traditional schemes the merits of merlin DRM are discussed to overcome the flaws in conventional DRM schemes. The main objective of this paper is to stress the importance of merlin DRM. Methods and Analysis: In the present paper different DRM schemes like Content Scrambling System, Certification, Code Mystification and their flaws are discussed to support and analysis present interoperability technique. To achieve interoperability Marlin DRM is discussed. Marlin DRM is also helpful in continuous stream of audio and video file. Along with other DRM schemes Marlin DRM are also discussed. Findings: The current DRM has debate with existing techniques. The Digital Rights management service providers are in high demand in digital media communication to protect the owner's copyright. But, still in many countries the DRM is under controversy to use or not in digital media. Apart from controversy, DRM is highly required to protect the owners respect and their intellectual property. The DRM also protects the knowledge and restrict anti-social elements to cross their limits in accessing the licenced file. Applications: Now a days many organizations especially movie industries and music fields are facing a big piracy problem. DRM can help in restricting others or hackers to access the licenced media file illegally.


Access Rights, Copyrights, DRM, Interoperability, Marlin DRM, Media Streaming.

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