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Two Methods for Simultaneous Calibration of Four Phase Plates


  • National Institute for Standards, P O Box 136, Giza – 12211, Egypt


Objectives: Phase plates are optical polarization elements widely used in applications and measurements of polarized light. This work is concerned with the calibration of four phase plates simultaneously. Method /Analysis: Two methods are employed for calibrating the plates based on a previously presented model for simultaneous calibration of two plates without the need for a standard plate. Analysis of the results and the used mathematical expressions are quite simple. Findings: The four mica plates were found to have retardances and birefringence in agreement with previously published data of muscovite mica. Application / Improvements: The work provides simple and time saving methods for the calibration of phase plates. It also allows for calibrating samples of small retardances which are difficult to calibrate accurately using other methods.


Birefringence, Calibration, Phase Plates, Retardance

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