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Twitter Data Retrieval and Preprocessing through R Programming in Social Media: An Overview of Bengaluru Traffic, India


  • Department of Computer Science and Applications, Bangalore University, Bengaluru – 560056, Karnataka, India
  • Department of MCA, Bapuji Institute of Engineering and Technology, Davangere-577004, Karnataka, India


Objectives: The development of Web 2.0 has produced interactive social networking sites impacting deliberate increase in both users and social media websites. The emphasis is placed on mining social media for sentiments, opinions, emotions and attitudes. Sentiment analysis is one of major applications of social media and also one of the rapidly emerging technologies used in decision making process. This research paper focuses on data collection and data preprocessing through R programming in Twitter also gives an overview of Bengaluru traffic. Methods: An app is created through twitter account and linked with R Studio followed by data collection and preprocessing and overview of the data. Findings: Overview on Bangalore traffic is given from the tweets collected. Novelty: R serves as an effective tool for data retrieval and preprocessing of tweets and prepares the data for further analysis.


Data Preprocessing, R Programming, Social Media, Text Mining


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