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Comparison of Various Fingerprint Analysis Techniques


  • Department of IT, VIT University, Vellore – 632014, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Department of IT, VIT University, Vellore – 632014, Tamil Nadu,, India


Fingerprint pixy location unit not often of notable nice. They’ll be degraded and corrupted with components of noise on account of many elements at the facet of versions in pores and skin and impression conditions. This degradation may cause a clearly very vital vary of spurious object being created and real object being left out. An important step in mastering the facts of fingerprint item is to reliably extract object from fingerprint images. Thus, it’s a necessity to apply picture development techniques before object extraction to urge a masses of dependable estimate of object places. The purpose of this challenge is to implement a sequence of strategies for fingerprint picture development and object extraction. Experiments victimization each artificial take a glance at images and actual fingerprint snap shots place unit accustomed examine the overall performance of the implemented strategies. These strategies region unit then accustomed extract object from a pattern set of fingerprint pictures. By victimization the extracted object facts, preliminary experiments at the information of fingerprints can then be carried out a fingerprint photo won’t always be published due to additives of noise that corrupt the readability of the ridge systems. This corruption may additionally arise as a consequence of versions in pores and skin and impression situations like scars, humidity, dust and non-uniform contact with the fingerprint seize tool.


Correlation based Technique, Feature Extraction, Fingerprint, Fingerprint, Minutiae based Technique, Recognition Ridge based Technique.

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