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Male Nurse’s Nursing Professional Values


  • Department of Nursing, Jeonbuk Science College, 509 Jeongeupsaro, Jeongeup-si, Korea, Republic of


Objectives: To investigate nursing professional values of male nurses in South Korea. Methods: Data were collected on May, 2013 and a total of 150 male nurses who worked at hospital were recruited for this study. Nursing professional values were measured using a structured questionnaire. Collected data were analyzed using the SPSS 20.0 for windows. Results: Nursing professional values of subjects were statistically significantly different according to numbers of turnover (F = 3.21, p = .043). Conclusions: Consequently, for improving nursing professional values, it is necessary to develop a management plan in order to reduce the numbers of turnover of male nurses.


Male Nurse, Nursing Professional Values.

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