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Parameters Optimized Specifying for EDM with PM/ Conventional Electrodes on M2 Tool Steel using Taguchi and TOPSIS


  • Department of RIC, I. K. Gujral Punjab Technical University, Kapurthala - 144603, Punjab,, India
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, St. Soldier Institute of Engineering and Technology, Jalandhar - 144622, Punjab, India
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, Beant College of Engineering and Technology, Gurdaspur - 143521, Punjab, India


Objectives: The scope of this experimental work of electrical discharge machining (EDM) process with and without the addition of abrasive powder while executed on M2 tool steel for the advancement in surrounding safety factors to meliorate the surface quality. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Taguchi’s L36 mixed orthogonal array is used after identification of most appropriate six input parameters (polarity, electrode type, concentration of abrasive, discharge current, and gap voltage and duty cycle) for maximum MRR and minimum TWR, and SR. Findings: To recognize the significant factors ANOVA is used and TOPSIS determine the 10.47% overall improvement in all responses with the optimal level of process parameters after confirmatory test. Energy dispersive X-ray (EDS) and Scanning electron microscope (SEM) analysis applied to examine the surface quality. Application/Improvements: This study finds the downfall of titanium from powder metallurgy tool electrode (CuTi) and deposition of aluminium material from PMEDM may also be implemented to improve the method of computation and precision.



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