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Energy Efficient ARABIC Unicode Reader Design on FPGA


  • Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Chitkara University Institute of Engineering and Technology, Chitkara University, Chandigarh - 160 009, Punjab, India


Objectives: This paper proposes an Energy Efficient ARABIC Unicode Reader design on FPGA. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Two types of energy efficient techniques such as Frequency Scaling and FPGA technology scaling have been used to make the device energy and power efficient. In the frequency scaling technique the frequency of device has been varied from 1MHz to 1THz; whereas, in FPGA scaling technique the power consumption of the device at two FPGA technologies(Artix-7 and Virtex-6) has been compared in order to identify the most energy efficient technology at least power consumed frequency. Findings: In this Unicode reader, results have been analyzed using X Power Analyzer. Different types of tables have been created for different range of frequencies showing different power dissipation values. It has been observed that 99.67% of total power can be saved in case of Artix-7 while operating the device at a frequency of 1MHz instead of 1 THz and in case of Virtex-6 98.5% of total power can be saved while operating the device at a frequency of 1MHz instead of 1 THz. So it has been concluded that more amount of power has been dissipated in case of Virtex-6 FPGA technology in which the length of channel is 45nm in comparison to Artix-7 in which length of channel is 28nm. Also it is advisable to operate the device at a low range of frequencies in order to have less power consumption. Application/ Improvements: Conclusions drawn from the analysis will be helpful in making the device more power efficient as compared to the existing ones. It comes out to be a step towards Go-Green Mission in order to serve the humanity.


Energy, FPGA, Frequency, Green Computing, Power, Unicode Reader, Xilinx

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