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Architecture of a Vital Sign’s Telemonitoring System Supported in Cloud Computing


  • Department of System Engineering, University of Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia


a standard in software development. Findings: This paper proposes a solution that contributes in solving the problem that arises in ICU is related to the information that medical staff is not aware of when they leave the hospital, and by this, they miss vital information related to the condition of the patient. This paper is useful for patients, doctors, nurses, hospitals, and health services entities. To check the validity of the model, a simulated profile was implemented. It is supported in cloud computing to provide ubiquity, access, scalability, and data integrity. After defining functional requirements, the conceptual model is obtained, then the architecture for the implementation is defined, and the simulated profile is briefly described. Finally, conclusions are drawn. Novelty: This work is novel because it considers a business model based on cloud computing to define the architecture that allows on-demand telemonitoring equipment that measures patient signals, also making it possible for doctors to have permanent information about the state of these.


Architecture, Cloud Computing, Telemedicine, Telemonitoring, Vital Signs

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