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Sustainable Interior Design for Homes


  • Design Department, Effat University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Architecture Department, Modern Academy for Engineering and Technology, Cairo, Egypt


Objectives: The study analyzes the interior design in the dimension of sustainability, especially for homes, while shedding the light on the obstacles that influence it and establishing some recommendations. Methods/Statistical Analysis: The study used the analytical approach. It analyzed the interior design different elements, then demonstrated how sustainability can be achieved under these element in a successful way. It validated its work frame through using many examples from current practices and works in the field. Findings: Sustainable design is a way of thinking that considers the impact of various issues on the environment and on human welfare. Interior design is an integral part of any building construction or renovation and choices made in designing the inner space have environmental and human welfare implications. Thus, the practice of interior design is also considered in the context of sustainability, being a key aspect of any green building process. Building's interiors are fitted with materials, products and systems, while the occupants of those spaces use energy and other resources in ways that are driven, at least in part, by the design of the space itself. Good sustainable interior design must be informed by all these interconnections and impacts, where interior designers help to mitigate these impacts through a certain process that involves themselves, integrated design, clients and rating systems. In addition, many practices work currently to develop different sustainable items and ideas for the interior spaces for our homes, however there are three main obstacles; costs, materials and education. Application/Improvements: Raising the awareness about the importance of sustainability in interior design should start in the universities passing by the governments and ending with the clients.


Elements of Sustainable Interior Design, Homes Interior Design, Interior Design, Sustainable Materials, Sustainability.

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