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Behavior of Pile Raft Foundation in Organic Clay


  • Department of Public Health Engineering, Government of Manipur, Imphal – 795010, Manipur, India
  • Department of Civil Engineering, Manipur Institute of Technology Takyelpat, Imphal – 795004, Manipur, India


The soils cover in the valley areas of Manipur are fluvial-alluvial soils with clay interspersed with organic clay forming the major portion of the substrata. Construction for rapid urbanization taking place in the valley area has historically been a problem due to the typically low strength and high compressibility. This paper gives the details of tests carried out on piled raft system of foundation embedded in clay soil. The effect of number of piles and the rigidity of raft on the response of load-settlement was studied. It is observed that higher number of piles and rigidity of raft act as settlement reducers.


Flexible and Rigid Raft, Organic Clay, Pile, Pile Raft, Raft

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