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Performance Analysis of Mixed Carbon Nano Tubes as VLSI Interconnects


  • Electronics and Communication Department, Thapar University, Patiala – 147004, Punjab, India


Background/Objectives: This paper presents various possible structures of Mixed Carbon Nano Tubes bundle which consists of different topology of Single Wall Carbon Nano Tubes (SWCNTs) and Multi wall Carbon Nano Tubes (MWCNTs). Methods/Statistical Analysis: It is assumed in this paper that SWCNTs and MWCNTs are densely packed. An equivalent single conductor model is derived for all the bundles of Mixed CNT. Findings: Performance is analyzed by considering parameters like Propagation delay, Power dissipation and Crosstalk delay of the interconnects having different lengths. Applications: Carbon Nanotubes finds applications in many fields such as biomedical applications, air and water filtration, structural applications etc.


Crosstalk, Equivalent Single Conductor (ESC), Mixed Carbon Nano Tubes (MCB), Power Dissipation.

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