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A Review of Various Multi-Frequency Antenna Design Techniques


  • Thapar University, Patiala – 147004, Punjab, India
  • ECED, Thapar University, Patiala – 147004, Punjab, India


Background/Objectives: The paper caters to the need for multi banding of Micro Strip Antennas (MSAs), that has been well recognized as one of the major research issue in antenna engineering in 21st century. Methods/Statistical analysis: Wireless applications, supporting multiband standards have put new demands on antennas related to bandwidth, gain, size and efficiency. Recent efforts by several researchers around the world to achieve multiband geometry have led to an emergence of new and innovative antenna designs which are presented in this paper. Findings: This paper gives a comprehensive review of various techniques to design compact, multiband planar antennas for wireless devices and applications. The theoretical concept to achieve multi frequency antenna along with related issues for designing have been generally and briefly discussed. Especially, the design examples, some of which are published in literature are presented for the illustration purpose. Recent techniques like EBG/AMC, SRR/CRR, FSS and DGS have also been included in this review. Application/Improvements: These antennas find their extensive use in different wireless applications in the field of communication, medical stream and satellite communication. The innovations in technology have been presented which includes improved antenna designs using better techniques for enhanced performance in the respective fields.


Defected Ground Plane Structures, Electromagnetic Band-Gap, Fractals, Frequency Selective Surfaces, Micro Strip Antenna, Multi Banding, Notching, Slotting, Split Ring Resonators.

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