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Controlling Pitch Angle of Wind Turbine in Grid Connected System


  • Electrical Department, Chandigarh University, Gharuan, Mohali – 140413, Punjab, India


Objectives: The motive of this paper is to build the structure or system which can help in stablizing the wind generation by controlling its pitch angle. Methods/Statistical Analysis: The movement of blades of turbine about its own axis is due to the support of pitch angle. By using this control system we can also able to control pitch angle in unsteady and noisy situations. The major objective of control systems in the power conversion system of wind farm is to manage or control the power flow at certain speed of wind by varying the incoming torque to the generator. Findings: This control system will also control the output power and enhance the stability of wind turbine. This paper comprises a model of fuzzy-PI control network and analysis of the change in grid energy because of variation in pitch position of the wind turbine has been done. Improvements: The advantage in fuzzy based control system is that the power at the output has limited oscillation as compared to PI controller. It will provide stable output.


Fuzzy Control, Pitch Angle, Stability, Wind Turbine.

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