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Estimation of Input Pump Pressure in Conditions of Low Foaming Gas-Content Oil Pumping


  • Research and Educational Center, Geology and Development Oil and Gas Oilfields, Perm National Research Polytechnic University, Perm 614990, Russia


Objectives: The core intention is to estimate input of submersible electric pump pressure in producing wells with using correlation during pumping gas-liquid mixture under oil low foaming conditions. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Known methods for calculating input pressure pump of high gas-content oil in well annulus are low-information and have poor accuracy. Based on the comparison and generalization of the data of comprehensive wellhead and deep well studies, we developed correlation dependencies for determining the density of a gas-liquid mixture taking into account the specific features of oil foaming in wells of the Upper Kama fields. Findings: Research results proved the influence of the content of high molecular compounds (resins and asphaltenes) determining the oil viscosity as well as gas-content on foaminess; wherein oil foaming properties decrease with increasing gas content. We developed equations for estimation relative density liquid mixture into the well annulus from pump submersion under dynamic level and oil foaming for mentioned above fields are obtained for the first time. These equations are based on the analysis of deep and estuarine well testing. It is shown that the oil gas-content affects the density of low foaming oil more than foaminess. According to the result to representativeness estimation of the obtained equations noted as accuracy sufficient for practical results to determine the density of the mixture in annulus and the input pump pressure. Application/Improvements: The basic field of application for the proposed approach is associated with exploitation of oil production wells. The results can be used for optimization of pump working in wells.


Foaminess, Gas, Input Pump Pressure, Oil, Well Production

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